Last release of a huge amount of AAA games in 2015, Fallout 4 was also the first development from Bethesda Studio since 2011 with Skirym.  But the last game from the Rockville studio has been the last part of a huge marketing plan, starting with Fallout Shelter. This smartphone game, even if a basic one, was spreading faster than the Playstation 4. A marketing plan so successfull, that on the first week of sale, Fallout 4 sells millions of copies. For good?

Original Bethesda Seal of Quality

Nintendo_SOQIf you need to remember one thing from the 1983 video game crash, it is the huge amount of poorly made and poorly respectful games. To avoid this isssue, Nintendo created some years later the Original Seal Of Quality. Directed by the president of Nintendo himself, Hiroshi Yamauchi, this seal means that developers and publishers has to work on their game to give the best quality, with a restriction of 5 games a year. It will help the NES to conquer the world by setting a quality standard for the industry. Why did we mention it on a Fallout 4 review ? For one simple reason: i think that Fallout 4 wouldn’t have this seal back in the day. Not the Nintendo manufacuring seal, but the NES one. We can argue that Captain Planet or Silver Surfer were bad games on the NES, but at least they were finished games. And to raise the question of Fallout 4 not meeting 1985 quality standard is a shame.

Holidays in Massachusetts

fallout 4 (8)When you launch Fallout 4, you have to create you own Shepard…i mean character. The background with characters talkng is nice, and the possiilities are nice if you are not “too crazy”. And by “crazy” i mean that the game is not able to handle long hair on Playstation 4. But with the modding community, this issue will be solved soon. You then found you parentship, introduced by crashing and poorly written dialogs. The next events are well known : alert, escape to the shelter, explosion, etc. You wake up from your cryongenisation,  where your beloved one  has been shot and your kid has been kidnapped. The journey begins.The first minutes in the open have not hyped me.

Tiens, un chargement.

Tiens, un chargement.

Only dead trees with a grey skybox, and a low texture grass is around swamps with a streched texture. 3D models have a weird behavior : they go into a direction, turn 90 degrees, wait, run without moving, stop, wait, etc…  Their bovine eye look at the ugly sky, wondering many things : How did we get here ? Inside an unoriginal, ugly, uninspired game. How Bethesda, with the succes of Skyrim, took the same 4 years old engine, on a new console generation ?It’s the same thing for the last 3 Fallout : take the last Elder’s Scroll engine, and pray for nobody to notice this. It was ok with Oblivion, as the technical progress excuse the poor artistic choices. But now Skyrim has set new standards, and if you cut moutains and replace them with generic landscape and dead trees, you have Fallout 4. The Skyrim charm has changed to a generic post-apocalyptic game. Not like Metro 2033 or Stalker, but with the imagination of a 5 year old.

We can say that the graphics don’t make a whole game, so let’s talk about fight sequences.

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